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I am a Scientist, Skeptic, and Professor at Bryant University and the IBNS, Brown University. My goal is to make technical subject matters widely accessible and to use my analytical and computational skills to assist anyone with their science-related problems.

I am a big fan of Babylon 5 and MST3K, and have a a broad interest in scientific reasoning and quantifying uncertainties. As such, I have published in disease modeling, paleoclimate, neuroscience, and molecular biology. I also work in science pedagogy, always looking for improved ways to communicate science, its processes, and the confidence we can place on claims. As such, I use my blog to explore the intersection of science and society.

I sincerely enjoy helping develop tools to aid in quantitative research, so please contact me if you'd like to collaborate!

Stats for Everyone

An introductory stats book from a Bayesian perspective, including Python software.