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Miracles with Brian Blais

Matthew and Andrew welcome me back to talk about miracles. Andrew gives an update on the failed prayer to heal his eyesight, and towards the end of the show, there …



Bayes vs Apologetics

In this episode, David (the Graceful Atheist and I explore how Bayes theorem can structure our thinking. We bounce ideas off each other, talk about injecting information into arguments, and …



Talking Bayes

In this episode, Andrew and Matthew invite me back to talk about Bayes, what it is and how to apply it. We explore the structure of Bayes, when it can …



Jonathan and Brian in conversation

Matthew hosts a conversation between myself and Jonathan McLatchie to further the conversation on why Jonathan is confident that the resurrection of Jesus can be accepted as an historical event …



Advocating for Bayesian Inference

In this episode I discuss my approach to teaching statistical inference including taking the Bayesian approach first instead of delegating it to an advanced or elective topic. We talk about …



What is Panpsychism?

In this episode, Andrew and Matthew invite myself and Prof. Philip Goff to discuss Panpsychism. What is it, why should we take it seriously and can we test it? I …



Unbelievable? Is faith about belief or trust? And why does it matter? Travis Dickinson with Brian Blais

In this discussion/debate, I talk with Travis Dickinson about the concept of faith. Travis is the author of "Stand Firm: Apologetics and the Brilliance of the Gospel" and says …



Why Christian Apologetics is Faulty Science and Faulty History

In this episode I join Andrew and Matthew to discuss The Fine Tuning Argument, The Second Law of Thermodynamics, contingency, evidence for the Christian claim of a historical resurrection of …



Bryant Faculty Spotlight

This video is part of the Bryant Faculty Spotlight series. In this episode I speaks about his book Statistical Inference for Everyone, an open textbook that approaches introductory statistical inference …



Your Lack of Imagination Can Kill You — But You Can Be Saved by Math TEDx Bryant

Here I present how our cognitive biases -- confirmation bias, innumeracy, either-or bias -- can lead to significant problems, but also can be solved with the proper use of probability theory. Essentially …