Books that I have written.


Dynamical systems simulation in Python. Includes both continuous and stochastic simulation.

Stats for Everyone

An introductory stats book from a Bayesian perspective, including Python software.



What would I expect to be in the Bible?

I've read the entire Bible twice, the most recent time this past year. Both times I was underwhelmed by the content in the book. It had so much barbarism, and …



"Why I became an atheist" Part 1 and Part 2- John Loftus & Peter May - 05 April 2008, 12 April 2008

As part of the Unbelievable Project, I am taking notes and "arm-chair" responding to each of the Unbelievable podcast episodes satisfying a set of simple rules.

See here for a …

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Some More Comments on Undesigned Coincidences

An "undesigned coincidence" is used in an argument for the reliability of the Gospels, notable by Jonathan McLatchie, Tim McGrew and Lydia McGrew, and is defined as

When you have …



Can Science Explain Everything? Unbelievable Project: John Lennox vs Peter Atkins - 2nd February 2019

Can science explain everything? Christian guest John Lennox is emeritus Professor of Mathematics and Philosophy of Science at Oxford University. Atheist guest Peter Atkins is emeritus Professor of Chemistry at …

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How NaNoWriMo Got Me Back to the Gym

So National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is here, and it has its usual ups and downs as expected. For this event, you commit to writing 50,000 words of a …



What Does Probability have to do with God? Exploring Bayesian Reasoning in Theological Problems

In this talk, I will present a framework for rational inquiry based on probability theory. Probability theory is a branch of mathematics that deals with uncertainty and how to reason …


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Why the fine tuning argument is not convincing to me (Part 1 of 2)

The fine-tuning argument is an argument in philosophy and cosmology that suggests the existence of a fine-tuned universe points towards the existence of a intelligent designer or a purpose behind …



Claims are not (always) evidence

Here's my short rambling rant about the claims-evidence distinction. In a number of debates, but more famously this one with Jonathan McLatchie, Matt Dillahunty states that "claims are not evidence …



Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence a probabilistic analysis

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence - Carl Sagan

I think no pithy quote has caused so much angst with apologists than this one from Carl Sagan, directed in particular to religious …



Probability and the Independence of Testimony

In a previous post I examined a simple model of the interaction of testimony with scientific inquiry, and how it can affect the probabilities of the truth of miracle claims …



Walking through 6 Ways to Use ChatGPT to Learn Code

So I was poking around on the web and decided to watch the video "THE Game Changer for Learning to Code" and then attempt …



One Rule to Rule Them All Bayesian Analysis in the Sciences

I'm giving a talk at the Fall Cross-Disciplinary Research, Teaching and Technology Symposium on Wednesday November 9th, 2:00PM – 5:00PM at Bryant University. The theme this semester is Bayesian …



Miracles with Brian Blais

Matthew and Andrew welcome me back to talk about miracles. Andrew gives an update on the failed prayer to heal his eyesight, and towards the end of the show, there …



The "God" of the Philosophers Is Empty

So I recently had a bit of a discussion which ended somewhat abruptly with complaints of category errors on my part and implied scientism. The initial Tweet was:

https://twitter …


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Why undesigned coincidences are not compelling to me

An "undesigned coincidence" is used in an argument for the reliability of the Gospels, notable by Jonathan McLatchie, Tim McGrew and Lydia McGrew, and is defined as

When you have …



Sometimes more testimony is worse. Scientific methods impact source reliability

When asked the question raised by McLatchie,

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I would have to say that new testimony does not raise my probability for a miracle, mostly because all prior attempts to do …