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Walking through 6 Ways to Use ChatGPT to Learn Code

So I was poking around on the web and decided to watch the video "THE Game Changer for Learning to Code" and then attempt …



Convert mp3 files to audiobook for Apple Books playlists, cds, and more...

The Mac/iPhone Books app has some issues. Before switching the content out of iTunes into a separate app, audiobooks were housed in the same app as music. You could …



Fitting parameters in dynamics systems using lmfit with pyndamics

A while ago I wrote this little package called pyndamics which was a thin wrapper around the scipy odeint function. Since then I migrated it using nbdev to experiment with …



Something Satisfying About Building Pelican Themes

Pelican is a Python package for developing static websites. I started out my blog with Wordpress and then toyed with Wix and Weebly. But I found I didn't like the …



Common Python Pattern - Building Up Lists To Plot

I find that a common pattern I implement again and again in Python is to build up a list (or multiple lists) in a loop and turn them into arrays …