Books that I have written.


Dynamical systems simulation in Python. Includes both continuous and stochastic simulation.

Stats for Everyone

An introductory stats book from a Bayesian perspective, including Python software.



Convert mp3 files to audiobook for Apple Books playlists, cds, and more...

The Mac/iPhone Books app has some issues. Before switching the content out of iTunes into a separate app, audiobooks were housed in the same app as music. You could …



Stats 101 Examples with MCMC Part 2 Estimating mean with unknown 𝜎

This is another in the series of "Statistics 101" examples solved with MCMC. The previous in the series can be found here. In all of these posts I'm going to …



Stats 101 Examples with MCMC Estimating mean with known 𝜎

I'd like to walk through some of the "Statistics 101" examples (e.g. estimating \(\mu\) with known \(\sigma\), estimating a proportion, etc...) for which we have simple analytical solutions, but …



Gravitational Attraction

What would happen if two people out in space a few meters apart, abandoned by their spacecraft, decided to wait until gravity pulled them together? My initial thought was that …



Fitting parameters in dynamics systems using lmfit with pyndamics

A while ago I wrote this little package called pyndamics which was a thin wrapper around the scipy odeint function. Since then I migrated it using nbdev to experiment with …



Bayes vs Apologetics

In this episode, David (the Graceful Atheist and I explore how Bayes theorem can structure our thinking. We bounce ideas off each other, talk about injecting information into arguments, and …



A Simple Physics Problem Gets Messy

A physics problem from a practice AP test came to my attention, when my daughter was in AP physics this past spring. I went over her solutions when she did …



Skepticism and Dubious Medical Procedures

In my discussion with Jonathan McLatchie on the Still Unbelievable podcast, I said that there hasn’t been a verified miracle claim even since Hume’s essay on miracles. Here I look into the papers he references in response.



Something Satisfying About Building Pelican Themes

Pelican is a Python package for developing static websites. I started out my blog with Wordpress and then toyed with Wix and Weebly. But I found I didn't like the …



Talking Bayes

In this episode, Andrew and Matthew invite me back to talk about Bayes, what it is and how to apply it. We explore the structure of Bayes, when it can …



Jonathan and Brian in conversation

Matthew hosts a conversation between myself and Jonathan McLatchie to further the conversation on why Jonathan is confident that the resurrection of Jesus can be accepted as an historical event …



Advocating for Bayesian Inference

In this episode I discuss my approach to teaching statistical inference including taking the Bayesian approach first instead of delegating it to an advanced or elective topic. We talk about …



Common Python Pattern - Building Up Lists To Plot

I find that a common pattern I implement again and again in Python is to build up a list (or multiple lists) in a loop and turn them into arrays …



What is Panpsychism?

In this episode, Andrew and Matthew invite myself and Prof. Philip Goff to discuss Panpsychism. What is it, why should we take it seriously and can we test it? I …



Becoming Superman - a review

I find it hard to overestimate the positive effect J. Michael Straczynski (or jms) has had on me. My first introduction to him was in the TV series Babylon 5 …



Probability of the Resurrection Discussion through Calculation

In a recent discussion about the use of probability in a religious context I saw another poor job of a calculation of the Resurrection (I had read several others that …



Unbelievable? Is faith about belief or trust? And why does it matter? Travis Dickinson with Brian Blais

In this discussion/debate, I talk with Travis Dickinson about the concept of faith. Travis is the author of "Stand Firm: Apologetics and the Brilliance of the Gospel" and says …



A Measure of Faith - Probability in Religious Thought

From the trivial to the monumental our decisions are governed by – or should be governed by – rational thought. This book explores the role of rational thought as described by the …