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Probability of the Resurrection Discussion through Calculation

In a recent discussion about the use of probability in a religious context I saw another poor job of a calculation of the Resurrection (I had read several others that …


A Measure of Faith - Probability in Religious Thought

From the trivial to the monumental our decisions are governed by – or should be governed by – rational thought. This book explores the role of rational thought as described by the …


Probability - It's Not Just about the Math

When I first learned probability, I thought it was all about math and counting. Then E. T. Jaynes showed me that probability forms the foundation of rationality itself. Remarkably very …


Useful Fictions

People who externalize the creative influence with a genie or muse easily explain why they can be amazingly creative at one moment and be stuck in the next — the muse simply is not there. Given that humans are inherently story-driven beings there is some value in the short-hand of describing this "other" as an external agent, an effect outside of our immediate control.


An Interesting Twist on the Gambler's Fallacy

I was reminded of the Gambler's Fallacy in a recent post by Stephen Novella and thought of a twist on the fallacy that makes it a bit more subtle. The …


Book Review - "Unbelievable?" by Justin Brierley

Structure of the Review

As I finished this review it became apparent that there are two main audiences for what I wrote - those that have yet to read the book …


If at first you don't succeed (for 50 times) you might reconsider

Here's a straightforward problem from Quora - probably found in a textbook - but I try to find a new direction to make it more interesting.

If there is a 25% chance …


Dynamical systems with pyndamics

Describe dynamical systems in terms of the differential equations without having to write the coding loops or functions. Easily plot the changes in the variables, show phase plots, and vector …


Models of Learning and Memory

Simulate biologically derived neural networks of medium complexity - both rate- and spike-based models. Explore the dynamics of synaptic plasticity under different input environments, including low-dimensional vector environments and natural image …


Stats for Everyone

Have a statistics question or project? I'd love to hear from you! One of my goals is to bring statistical reasoning to everyone, both as a general framework for rational …


10 dogmas of science dismantled

In his talk about the limitations of science, Rupert Sheldrake lists the "10 dogmas of modern science" (also listed here in text They are:

  1. Everything …


There is more than enough time

Here are some notes about time management that I found useful from this article:

  • If you’re with your friends, be with your friends. If you’re doing the dishes …

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