Books that I have written.


Dynamical systems simulation in Python. Includes both continuous and stochastic simulation.

Stats for Everyone

An introductory stats book from a Bayesian perspective, including Python software.



The "God" of the Philosophers Is Empty

So I recently had a bit of a discussion which ended somewhat abruptly with complaints of category errors on my part and implied scientism. The initial Tweet was:

https://twitter …


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Why undesigned coincidences are not compelling to me

An "undesigned coincidence" is used in an argument for the reliability of the Gospels, notable by Jonathan McLatchie, Tim McGrew and Lydia McGrew, and is defined as

When you have …



Sometimes more testimony is worse. Scientific methods impact source reliability

When asked the question raised by McLatchie,

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I would have to say that new testimony does not raise my probability for a miracle, mostly because all prior attempts to do …


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Why do we need double-blind studies?

I was recently reading some articles about dubious medical procedures, and the claims of miraculous healings. I was struck by a level of credulity with some of these claims, but …



Sometimes there really isn't enough evidence to believe a claim

A particular response has now happened twice in an ongoing discussion about extraordinary claims, and I felt I needed to think about it more deeply. The response is, essentially, that …



Ongoing Conversation with Jonathan McLatchie including what would convince me, a visit from Jean Luc Picard, and more

I'd like to thank Jonathan McLatchie for the detailed response to my two-part response.

If you're following along, we have:



Chemical Reaction Dynamics Reproducing a Computational Paper

As an exercise, I like to reproduce computational papers, but with my own tools. This let's me know that I understand completely what is being written and in many cases …



Simulating Stochastic Processes Gillespie Algorithm

In this post we are going to explore the simulation of stochastic (i.e. random) processes, and work our way to understanding how the Gillespie algorithm works. We'll be using …



Science as a metal detector

In my post about "naturalism of the gaps" I stated that in evaluating claims,

  1. Methodological naturalism is the only choice we have available, because no one has demonstrated any procedure …



Convert mp3 files to audiobook for Apple Books playlists, cds, and more...

The Mac/iPhone Books app has some issues. Before switching the content out of iTunes into a separate app, audiobooks were housed in the same app as music. You could …



Stats 101 Examples with MCMC Part 2 Estimating mean with unknown 𝜎

This is another in the series of "Statistics 101" examples solved with MCMC. The previous in the series can be found here. In all of these posts I'm going to …